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Dvd (Divers Droite) Party

What does the Dvd (Divers Droite) Party believe?

Dvd (Divers Droite) Party

The term "Divers Droite" (DVD), or Miscellaneous Right, in France refers to right-leaning candidates who are not affiliated with any of the major right-wing political parties. This designation encompasses a variety of political figures, including members of small right-wing parties, independent conservatives, and dissidents from larger parties who have chosen to run separately.

Right-Wing Orientation:

Divers Droite candidates are generally aligned with right-wing political ideologies, focusing on conservative values, the defense of national identity, and the authority of the state. They often emphasize the importance of traditional social norms and the preservation of cultural heritage.

National Identity and State Authority:

One of the core concerns for Divers Droite candidates is the transmission of national identity and the reinforcement of state authority. This includes a strong stance on law and order, respect for traditional symbols, and the promotion of national heritage and values​.


DVD candidates typically support strict immigration controls. Their policies often include proposals such as setting annual immigration quotas, restricting family reunification, and toughening asylum procedures.

They also advocate for measures like the reintroduction of penalties for illegal stay and the limitation of social benefits for non-citizens​.

Economic Policies:

Economically, Divers Droite positions can vary but generally include a mix of pro-business policies and budgetary rigor. They often support reducing public spending and maintaining fiscal discipline while promoting economic growth through market-friendly policies​.

Electoral Presence:

Divers Droite candidates are a regular feature in both local and national elections in France. In the 2022 parliamentary elections, DVD candidates secured 1.1% of the vote, resulting in 10 out of 577 seats in the National Assembly.

This represents a slight decline from previous years, reflecting the challenges faced by independent right-wing candidates in gaining significant electoral traction against larger, more established parties​​. Overall, the Divers Droite designation highlights the diversity and fragmentation within the French right-wing political spectrum, providing a platform for conservative voices outside the mainstream parties like Les Républicains or the far-right National Rally.

The Dvd (Divers Droite) is also known as Dvd, Divers Droite).

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