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Ens (Ensemble) Party

What does the Ens (Ensemble) Party believe?

Ens (Ensemble) Party

Ensemble (Together) is a political coalition in France supporting President Emmanuel Macron. It includes his party, Renaissance (formerly La République En Marche), along with the Democratic Movement (MoDem) and Horizons, among other allies.

The coalition was formed to support Macron's presidential majority and present a unified front in the legislative elections.

Pro-Business Reforms:

Emphasizes creating a more business-friendly environment through labor market reforms and reducing corporate taxes to stimulate economic growth.

Innovation and Technology:

Advocates for increased investment in technology and innovation sectors to boost competitiveness and create jobs.

Education and Training:

Focuses on reforming the education system to better prepare students for the job market and promote lifelong learning opportunities.


Aims to improve the healthcare system by increasing funding, reducing wait times, and ensuring better access to services across the country.

Climate Change:

Committed to meeting international climate goals by promoting renewable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions, and supporting green technologies.

Sustainable Development:

Encourages sustainable agricultural practices and supports policies aimed at protecting biodiversity.

Pro-European Stance:

Strongly supports deeper integration within the European Union, advocating for stronger EU institutions and policies that promote solidarity among member states.

Strengthening Security:

Focuses on enhancing national security through increased funding for police and military, and by improving coordination among European countries to tackle terrorism and organized crime.

Coalition Dynamics:

Ensemble aims to maintain a stable majority in the National Assembly, although each party within the coalition (Renaissance, MoDem, Horizons) operates separate parliamentary groups. The coalition is seen as a modern equivalent of the Union for French Democracy, a centrist alliance from the late 20th century​.

This coalition, under Macron's leadership, seeks to blend liberal economic policies with progressive social and environmental initiatives, while maintaining a pro-European and strong national security stance.

The Ens (Ensemble) is also known as Ens, Ensemble).

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