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Florida Democratic Party

What does the Florida Democratic Party believe?

Florida Democratic Party

The Florida Democratic Party is an official branch of the Democratic Party in the United States, situated in the state of Florida with its headquarters in Tallahassee. The party is currently chaired by former Commissioner of Agriculture, Nikki Fried.

Core Values and Ideology:

The Democratic Party is founded on the belief that all people in the United States are created equal and deserve respect and dignity. The party strives to provide everyone with a fair opportunity to achieve success regardless of race, religion, or background, and promotes policies that allow individuals to support their families through hard work and chase the American Dream.

Social Programs and Rights:

Democrats advocate for an array of social programs, including support for labor unions, consumer protection, workplace safety, and equal opportunity. They champion rights for the disabled, racial equity, environmental protection, and reforms in criminal justice.

Furthermore, the party supports the rights of the LGBT community, abortion rights, and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Economic Issues:

Central to the party's economic policy is the belief in equal economic opportunities, a robust social safety net, and strong labor unions. Democrats support a mixed economy, a progressive tax system, higher minimum wages, Social Security, universal healthcare, public education, and subsidized housing.

They view infrastructure and clean energy investments as crucial for economic growth and job creation.

Fiscal Policy:

Democrats push for a progressive tax system to fund essential services and reduce economic disparity. They advocate for increased government spending on social services and reduced military expenditures, opposing cuts to social services which are seen as vital for both social justice and economic productivity.

Minimum Wage:

The Democratic Party supports raising the national minimum wage to $15.00 per hour, with adjustments in line with economic conditions, and has historically supported both legislation and ballot initiatives to increase the minimum wage.

Health Care:

Democrats aim to ensure "affordable and quality healthcare" and support various forms of universal healthcare. They are divided between supporting a single-payer system like Medicare for All and a public health insurance option.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, is a significant party achievement.


The party prioritizes the improvement of public education systems, supports universal preschool, and seeks to expand access to higher education by reducing student debt and supporting tuition-free or reduced-tuition college. They also advocate for increased state funding for student financial aid.

Environment and Energy:

The Democratic Party believes in the government's role in protecting the environment and supports the development of alternative energy sources like wind and solar to reduce carbon emissions. They also favor expanding conservation lands and promoting sustainable transportation options like rail travel.

Trade and International Policy:

Democrats have a complex stance on trade, supporting fair and free trade agreements while opposing practices that undermine domestic employment and economic stability. In foreign policy, they typically advocate for international cooperation and human rights, having opposed the Iraq War and supported diplomatic efforts for nuclear disarmament.

The Florida Democratic Party continues to push for policies and initiatives that align with the broader national Democratic agenda, emphasizing social justice, economic opportunity, and environmental protection.

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