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Libertarian Party

What does the Libertarian Party believe?

Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is a strong advocate for laissez-faire capitalism, asserting that economic freedoms should be maximized with minimal government intervention. The party vehemently opposes the modern welfare state, proposing the elimination of all government-run social welfare programs, including food stamps, subsidized housing, and other forms of government aid.

They argue that individuals should depend on personal savings, family support, charitable organizations, and community groups rather than government assistance. Their economic platform is built on the belief that the government should only intervene in the economy to protect property rights, resolve disputes, and uphold a legal framework that facilitates voluntary trade.

Education; Proposing a Free Market Approach to Schooling:

The Libertarian Party believes that the education system should be privatized and that the government's role in education should be abolished. They argue that the free market can provide education that is of higher quality, more accountable, and more efficient than government-funded public schools.

The party supports school choice, advocating that parents should have the authority to educate their children as they see fit without government interference or funding. This includes opposition to compulsory education laws and standardized curricula, promoting a diverse array of educational options from which parents and students can choose.

Environmental Policy; Advocating for Free-market Environmentalism:

Libertarians propose that environmental protection should be achieved through the free market rather than government regulation. They believe that private landowners have a natural interest in maintaining the health of their properties and that private conservation efforts are more effective and accountable than government interventions.

The party argues that clear property rights and market incentives will lead to innovative solutions to environmental challenges, reducing pollution and conserving resources more effectively than governmental regulations could.

Fiscal and Monetary Policies; Promoting a Minimalist Government Approach:

The Libertarian Party calls for a drastic reduction in government involvement in economic affairs. This includes advocating for the repeal of the income tax, the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service, and the dismantlement of the Federal Reserve System.

They support a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget, preferably by reducing government spending rather than increasing taxes. The party also promotes deregulation of the banking sector, advocating for an end to government-imposed controls on banking activities and interest rates.

Healthcare; Supporting a Free Market Health System:

The Libertarian Party supports completely privatizing the healthcare system and removing all forms of government involvement, including oversight, regulation, and licensing. They argue that individuals should have the freedom to choose their level of health insurance, healthcare providers, treatments, and all other aspects of their medical care.

The party opposes all government-funded social insurance programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, and advocates for a market-based, consumer-driven approach to healthcare.

Immigration and Trade; Encouraging Open Borders and Free Trade:

The Libertarian Party supports the removal of government restrictions on both trade and immigration, advocating for the free movement of people and goods across national borders. They believe that economic and political freedom is enhanced when individuals are not unreasonably constrained by government in the crossing of political boundaries.

This stance is coupled with a call for eliminating tariffs, subsidies, and other governmental impediments to global free trade.

Labor Policies; Opposing Government Restrictions on Employment:

The party opposes all forms of government intervention in labor markets, including minimum wage laws and mandatory union participation. Libertarians argue that such laws restrict the ability of individuals to freely enter into employment contracts and reduce overall employment opportunities.

They advocate for a labor market where associations between employers and employees are formed based on mutual consent without government interference.

Social Policies; Championing Individual Liberties and Personal Choices:

Libertarians advocate for the legalization of all victimless crimes, asserting that individuals should have the freedom to engage in activities such as drug use, gambling, and prostitution without governmental interference. They support comprehensive rights to personal and sexual autonomy, opposing any government efforts to regulate or restrict consensual adult relationships or behaviors.

Government Reform; Advocating for Electoral and Bureaucratic Reforms:

The Libertarian Party seeks to reform government operations to make them less intrusive and more representative of the will of the people. This includes advocating for the repeal of laws that provide public funding for political campaigns and those that restrict the political activities of individuals and groups.

They support measures that enhance direct democracy, such as referendums and recall elections, arguing that these mechanisms help reduce government overreach and increase accountability.

LGBT Rights; Supporting Equality and Non-Discrimination:

The Libertarian Party has historically supported the rights of LGBT individuals, including advocating for same-sex marriage and opposing laws that discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity. They argue that the government should not have the authority to regulate personal relationships or deny individuals rights based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The party has supported various legislative and ballot measures to extend legal rights and protections to LGBT individuals, emphasizing the importance of equality under the law.

The Libertarian is also known as Libertarian Party.

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