Who is Abigail Dawn Hardy? - Hounslow, Kingston upon Thames, Richmond upon Thames - Independent
Abigail Dawn Hardy

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Abigail Dawn Hardy - Hounslow, Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond Upon Thames

2024 British Local Government Election - London Assembly Member Candidate - May, 2, 2024

Who is Abigail Dawn Hardy?

Abigail Dawn Hardy is running as an Independent candidate in the upcoming London local government elections scheduled for 2024. She is seeking a position in the London Assembly, representing the interests of her local community.

Residence and Constituency:

Her campaign is based in the London Borough of Hounslow, where she resides. This area serves as the focal point of her political activities and initiatives.

Election Goals:

As an Independent candidate, Abigail aims to bring a unique perspective to the London Assembly, focusing on local issues specific to Hounslow and advocating for policies that benefit her constituents directly.

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