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Gabe Romualdo

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Gabe Romualdo - Greater London

2024 British Local Government Election - London Assembly Member Candidate - May, 2, 2024

Who is Gabe Romualdo?

Gabe Romualdo is a London-based local government candidate active in the fields of politics, technology, and research. His varied career spans leadership in political movements, entrepreneurship in technology sectors, and innovations in financial and medical research.

Leadership in The Youth Party:

Since 2023, Romualdo has been leading The Youth Party, focusing on representing the interests of the younger generation in British politics. He is a candidate for the 2024 London Assembly elections, having previously considered a mayoral candidacy before deciding to concentrate on party development.

Co-Founder of Harvard Entrepreneurship Society:

Romualdo co-founded the Harvard Entrepreneurship Society in 2023, establishing Harvard Connection House—an 8-room residence and society near Harvard Square. This initiative aims to foster entrepreneurial connections and activities among students and alumni.

Innovation in Financial Services:

In 2024, Romualdo took on the role of Interim Head of Banking at Stealth, where he is involved in creating a new financial institution that challenges traditional banking models. He is notably the inventor of the core protocol guiding this initiative.

Leadership at Third Labs:

From 2021 to 2023, Romualdo served as the Co-Founder & CEO of Third Labs, where he developed technologies aimed at addressing systemic economic issues. His projects included Thirdbuy and Third Financial, with the latter being acquired.

Technology and Engineering Experience:

Between 2021 and October 2022, Romualdo worked at Speechify, first as a Senior Software Engineer and then as an Engineering Manager. His responsibilities included overseeing engineering aspects related to accounts, subscriptions, payments, educational products, APIs, and user onboarding processes.


Romualdo engaged in machine learning research at Harvard Medical School from 2021 to 2022, specifically in AI for cardiovascular imaging. His work made advanced medical machine learning tools accessible to radiologists and physicians.

Academic Training:

Romualdo attended Boston University, where he completed several years of coursework in Computer Science as part of a dual enrollment program. He opted out of continuing his formal education to focus on building companies.

He also attended Boston University Academy and The American School in London for his earlier education. Gabe Romualdo is a dynamic professional with a strong background in political leadership, technological innovation, and interdisciplinary research.

His career reflects a commitment to leveraging technology and innovation to solve complex problems and represent the interests of younger generations in politics.

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