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Harl Grewal

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Harl Grewal - Windsor

2024 United Kingdom general election - Member Of Parliament Candidate - July, 4, 2024

Who is Harl Grewal?

Harl Grewal is running as a Reform Uk candidate for the Windsor in the upcoming 2024 United Kingdom General Election.

Competing against 6 other candidate(s), Harl Grewal aims to bring their extensive experience to the role as a candidate for Member Of Parliament in the Government Of The United Kingdom.

What are Harl Grewal's Political Values?

Harl Grewal is a member of the Reform Uk Party.

Reform UK presents itself as a political alternative to the traditional two-party system in Britain, criticizing both the Conservative and Labour parties for their perceived failures. The party positions itself as a champion of common sense, aiming to address the numerous crises it perceives in British society, from immigration and public spending to healthcare and energy policies.

Freeze on Non-Essential Immigration:

Reform UK proposes a strict limit on non-essential immigration, arguing that it will alleviate pressure on housing, public services, and wages, and protect British culture and values. The party plans to implement a robust strategy to prevent illegal immigration, including detaining and deporting illegal migrants and ending health tourism and immediate access to benefits for new arrivals.

Tax Reductions and Incentives:

The economic strategy includes significant tax cuts aimed at boosting the income of the working class and incentivizing small businesses. Key measures include raising the income tax threshold, reducing corporation tax for small and medium-sized enterprises, and abolishing certain business taxes to encourage investment and economic growth.

Zero NHS Waiting Lists and Tax Breaks:

Reform UK seeks to eliminate NHS waiting lists and proposes tax breaks for healthcare workers to address staff shortages. The party advocates for using private healthcare capacity to alleviate the burden on the NHS, suggesting a voucher system for patients facing long wait times.

Rejection of Net Zero Goals:

A controversial aspect of their platform is the rejection of Net Zero carbon goals, which the party claims are economically damaging. Reform UK intends to revive the domestic oil and gas industries, reduce reliance on renewable energy subsidies, and explore new nuclear technology without the constraints of current environmental regulations.

Strengthening Law and Order:

The party pledges to increase police numbers, implement zero tolerance policies on crime, and expedite the deportation of foreign criminals. It also aims to reform the justice system by mandating life sentences for repeat violent offenders and enhancing the budget for criminal justice.

Constitutional and Democratic Reforms:

Reform UK calls for significant constitutional reforms, including leaving the European Convention on Human Rights, reforming the House of Lords, and introducing a proportional representation voting system. These changes are aimed at making Britain's political system more democratic and accountable.

A Call for Radical Change:

Reform UK’s platform is built on a foundation of radical change across multiple sectors of government and society. The party seeks to dismantle what it views as failed policies and replace them with a framework that prioritizes British sovereignty, cultural identity, and economic independence.

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