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Kelly Spaulding

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Kelly Spaulding - Prosser

2024 Tasmania State Legislative Council Election - Member Of Parliament Candidate - May, 4, 2024

Who is Kelly Spaulding?

Kelly Spaulding is an independent candidate for the Legislative Council in the Prosser district of Tasmania, with the election scheduled for May 4, 2024. He positions himself as a deeply engaged local advocate with a rich background in both public service and various industries, which he believes equip him well for representing his constituents effectively.

Background and Commitment to Prosser:

Kelly Spaulding's long-standing connection to the region is highlighted by his 20 years of service as a councillor, mayor, and deputy mayor at Tasman Council. He has represented the local community at the state level as a member of the General Management committee of Local Government Tasmania (LGAT).

His firsthand experiences in these roles underscore his commitment to responsive and community-focused governance.

Diverse Professional Experience:

Spaulding's professional background is varied and extensive, spanning several industries that include agriculture, hospitality, forestry, and seafood export. At the age of 14, he began a business venture in horticulture, which continues to thrive, specializing in arrangements for weddings and special occasions.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to open the restaurant "Lucky Ducks" in Nubeena in 2010, which has received notable recognition, including a two-chef hat rating.

Political Philosophy and Priorities:

Spaulding’s campaign emphasizes his independent stance, promising freedom from party politics and an undiluted focus on the needs of Prosser residents. His political platform focuses on key local issues such as infrastructure enhancement, healthcare, education, and economic development.

He is particularly concerned with housing shortages, public transport inefficiencies, and the need for better community facilities.

Advocacy and Community Engagement:

His commitment to the community is evident from his involvement in significant local issues. For example, he opposed the amalgamation between Tasman and Sorell councils, siding with a majority of the local population against the merger in a public vote.

This decision reflects his philosophy of prioritizing community opinion over higher-level political pressures.

Campaign Promises and Vision:

In his communications, Spaulding articulates a vision for Prosser that includes more effective representation at the state level, improved public amenities, and a more vibrant local economy. He advocates for responsible management of local resources and promises to listen closely to constituent needs and preferences.

His campaign literature emphasizes his readiness to serve as a proactive and responsive legislator who prioritizes constituent interests over political agendas. Kelly Spaulding’s candidacy is built on a platform of experience, independence, and a strong commitment to community advocacy, aiming to bring a pragmatic and locally focused perspective to the Tasmanian Legislative Council.

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