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Tricia Dare

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Tricia Dare - Michigan 6th Circuit Court

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Who is Tricia Dare?

Tricia R. Dare has dedicated over two decades of her career to serving the community of Oakland County, Michigan, through her extensive work in the legal system, specifically within the Prosecutor's Office.

Her career trajectory showcases a steadfast commitment to public service, beginning with her role as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in 1997. Over the years, Dare has ascended to more complex and challenging roles, reflecting her deepening expertise and commitment to justice.

Extensive Legal Expertise in Specialized Units:

Dare's tenure at the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office is marked by her leadership in several critical units. As the Chief of the Special Victims Section since July 2010, she has been at the forefront of prosecuting severe cases involving hate crimes, domestic violence, sexual assaults, elder abuse, and child abuse.

Her responsibilities include supervising a team of 10 Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys and additional support staff, coordinating legal strategies, and ensuring the diligent prosecution of sensitive cases.


In January 2021, Dare expanded her leadership role to include the Hate Crimes Unit and the Victim Services Division. In these roles, she reviews case files, determines charges for actions stemming from prejudice, and provides crucial support and guidance for victims of hate crimes.

Her work in these areas underscores her nuanced understanding of the legal issues involved and her ability to lead complex investigations and legal proceedings.

Educational Foundations and Early Career Initiatives:

Dare's legal acumen is backed by a solid educational foundation. She earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law in 1997, where she was an active participant in the Student Bar Association and received several honors, including the American Association of Corporate Counsel Scholarship Finalist recognition.

Her undergraduate studies were completed at Western Michigan University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Public Law in 1993, graduating as a member of the Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society and a recipient of an academic scholarship.

Community Engagement and Professional Memberships:

Beyond her prosecutorial duties, Dare is deeply involved in community service and professional organizations that focus on child protection, domestic violence prevention, and legal education. She is a founding member and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Oakland County’s Child Abuse and Neglect Collaborative Organization.

Additionally, she participates in multiple task forces and committees, including those addressing human trafficking and domestic violence.

Recognitions and Awards:

Throughout her career, Dare has received numerous accolades that highlight her dedication and effectiveness. Notable among these are the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan 25 Year Service Award and several commendations from local police departments and community organizations, recognizing her contributions to law enforcement and victim advocacy.

Tricia Dare's extensive career in the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office, her educational background, and her active participation in community and professional organizations illustrate her unwavering dedication to justice and public service. Her comprehensive experience, especially in handling sensitive and complex cases, equips her well for further responsibilities in the judicial system, reflecting her readiness to tackle broader challenges in her continued legal career.

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