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Michael Haynes

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Michael Haynes - Hobart

2024 Tasmania State Legislative Council Election - Member Of Parliament Candidate - May, 4, 2024

Who is Michael Haynes?

Michael Haynes, a placemaker, transport planner, and entrepreneur, is running for the Legislative Council seat in Hobart. Haynes has a diverse professional background encompassing urban and digital design, sustainability, and policy related to new economic frameworks.

His career is marked by a continual engagement with the complexities of how people, places, and things interact, driving his creative and innovative approaches in public space design and activation.

Key Projects and Roles:

Haynes has been involved in several significant projects and roles that reflect his commitment to creative placemaking and urban transformation.

Future Common:

As the founder and creative director from July 2014 to February 2016, Haynes led this public place activation and urban space design firm in Fremantle, focusing on low-impact creativity and meaningful urban experiences. Notable projects include the "100 Years of ANZAC" peace sanctuary and the "Fire Place" at Fremantle Winter Garden, which highlighted local history and indigenous storytelling.

Red Tape Rebels:

From January 2013 to November 2015, Haynes co-founded this group of young urban planners in Perth, advocating for positive changes in urban environments through volunteer projects.

Bicycle Network:

Serving as the Tasmanian Coordinator, Haynes promoted active transport solutions and worked on initiatives like Ride2School, advocating for safe and active transportation options for school children.

Community Engagement and Leadership:

Rotary Club of Hobart: As the current president, he leads the club in preparing for its centennial celebrations in 2024, focusing on reasserting its role as a prestigious community business institution.


As a co-founding partner and venue manager from March 2016 to February 2017, Haynes focused on creating a co-working and event space that fosters collaboration and community engagement in Victoria Park.

Educational Background:

Associate Degree in Applied Design, Graphic Design and User Experience from Foundry, focusing on industry-relevant skills such as graphic design, user experience, and creative entrepreneurship. Undergraduate with Honours in Urban and Regional Planning from Curtin University, graduating in February 2014.

Undergraduate Certificate in Community Support from the University of Tasmania, completed in November 2022.

Personal Philosophy and Approach:

Haynes is driven by a vision to innovate within the realms of urban design and public policy. His approach involves a blend of historical reverence and modern innovation, aiming to create spaces and policies that enhance the quality of urban life and support sustainable community development.

His campaign for the Legislative Council is likely centered on these themes, reflecting his extensive background in urban planning and community activism.

Reference: linkedin.com/in/futurecommon/

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