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Sam Campbell

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Sam Campbell - Hobart

2024 Tasmania State Legislative Council Election - Member Of Parliament Candidate - May, 4, 2024

Who is Sam Campbell?

Sam Campbell is an independent candidate running for the 2024 Tasmanian Legislative Council Elections in the division of Hobart. He previously served as the state coordinator for the Tasmanian branch of the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union (AUWU) and was a candidate for the Hobart council in 2022.

His past roles have given him experience in addressing issues related to employment and economic policies at a community level.

Campaign Focus:

On his campaign website, Sam Campbell emphasizes the need for economic democracy, especially in the context of the increasing cost of living. He advocates for a political system that adapts to the rapid changes of our world and makes decisions that are more aligned with the needs of the average person rather than being out-of-touch and centered around corporate entities.

Economic Democracy:

He believes that issues such as taxation and public expenditure are crucial, particularly given the rising everyday living costs. He argues for more democratic control and decision-making in economic matters to address these challenges.

Responsiveness and Accountability:

His platform suggests that with greater freedom and autonomy should come increased accountability, with decisions being made in a more democratic manner.

Environmental Action:

Recognizing the urgent need for environmental sustainability, Campbell stresses the importance of planned and rapid harm reduction to mitigate the impact of climate change and ecological damage.

Equity and Justice:

He strongly holds that democracy is compromised by the undue concentration of wealth and that societal decisions should prioritize the average person over corporate interests. Additionally, he calls for action against rent-seeking behaviors and insists on compensating for negative externalities.

Vision for Change:

Sam Campbell positions himself as a proponent for systemic change, advocating for policies that ensure economic fairness, environmental responsibility, and democratic integrity. He invites voters who share his view that Tasmania's political decisions should reflect the will and needs of its people, not just as suggestions but as mandates to guide legislative action.

Reference: localnetwork.au/sam4clark

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